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Dene Community School

Pump house electrical works to Dene Community School, Peterlee, County Durham

   Dene Community School
   Pumphouse and Sub Station
   Pumphouse and tank
   3 phase distribution board
   Fire pump before wiring
   Pump suction and delivery pipework
   Trunking installed for cable containment
  Engineer during steel conduit installation
   Cable containment installed
   Cables to fire pump ready to connect
   Connection of fire pump
  Installation of armoured cable for immersion heater
   Immersion heater to sprinkler tank
   Pressure switches for fire and jockey pumps
   Jockey pump starter
   Trace heating and immersion spurs
   Trace heating and immersion heater supplies
   Valve sets for monitoring
   Wiring for valve monitoring
   Wiring of pump starter panels
  Testing of remote alarm panel for sprinkler monitoring
   Remote alarm panel
   Wiring of pumphouse distribution board
   3 phase & N distribution board
   Testing and inspection